Cloud Domain Hosting Services

Cloud website, email and application design, development and deployment.


Design Overview

Design, Develop and Deployment

We develop websites in all of the best feature rich Content Management Systems. Whether Wordpress or Joomla we provide a professional service for you and your clients. We create websites based on the best practice available  to give a unique and modern look and feel.

Our servers provide best practice Linux hosting with 24 hr managed service to ensure maximum uptime and security.

We host websites and email for companies, Non-Profits and individuals including families.


Fully Responsive

Web site design, development and deployment.
Whether you're on your smartphone, an iPad or laptop every aspect of your website is as good as viewing on a big screen desktop computer with exceptional experience.

Unique Design

Individual design to complement your personal, corporate or community outlook.

Using your company colours, logo and design elements to help create your Internet presence.

Easy to Customize

We take the technical aspects of web site content management and provide you with an easy, productive and efficient means to add, edit and promote your content with the least fuss.

Awesome Support

Our process from beginning to end is to provide a no fuss genuine experience to achieve your goals online with personal backup help and technical expertise at all times.


About Helix

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